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What is Authentic Transformational Therapy?

Millions of people worldwide now realise the benefits of accessing therapy. The effectiveness of Authentic Transformational Therapy lies in surpassing the conscious mind in order to work directly with the subconscious mind, which allows clients to reconnect with their authentic self, as well as it speeds up achieving results. Therefore the results are lasting changes and success in all areas of life. The result doesn´t come from a single methodology; it comes from the unique combination and layering of techniques and beliefs. ATT embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnotherapy that are known to produce a quicker transformative effect on clients – widely used as the secret tool of top Hollywood celebrities and Wall Street CEOs. However ATT goes beyond with a new therapeutic approach. 

It`s being said that there are no coincidences in life. So chances are it´s most likely that YOU are reading this page because you are interested in making changes in one, some or perhaps  in all areas of your life. I´ve “been there and done all that”for myself and for 100s of clients through Authentic Transformational Therapy, so I can make this process easy for YOU by sharing my knowledge and experience with you. 2020 is going to be the best year ever! Join our tribe and recreate your life from an authentic internal source to achieve your authentic life success. Programs and events organised by Authentic Transformational Therapy are easy to understand, uncomplicated and don´t require previous coaching certifications.

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What Type Of Programs Do We Offer?

Authentic Transformational Therapy specialises in helping people achieve success in life. We also train certified ATT coaches at various levels. ATT provides the right support, experience, network, wide array of tools and techniques, so YOU may successfully clarify and achieve your goals. Designed for long lasting success. We offer online programs, live motivational training events and retreats. ART Alumni receives invitation to regular alumni events worldwide.

Live Training Events

All 3 day live motivational training events are designed to kick-start your motivation to “move mountains” while achieving success in life, as well as to network with likeminded people in similar situation to yours. It is recommended that you participate our online course after the live training event, so you can maintain your motivation, develop the right skills set and get bulletproof support while achieving success in your life.
Learn more and book your event: Live Training Events

Online Programs

Combination of personal mentoring, group activities & self-study. Designed for success. We offer 2 types of online programs:

A) For Those Looking For Success In Their Own Life:  Designed to guide you through the know-how to successfully achieve success in life, as well as to build a strong network with likeminded people.

B) For those, who wish to pursue a career as a coach within the field of Life Coaching. 

Learn more and choose the level, which suits your needs: Online Programs

ATT Retreat

This event is specifically designed for those, who wish to speed things up and dive right into kick-starting their inner transformation during this full week of lectures, activities and networking at an inspiring location.
You get direct access to your mentor as well as group activities with likeminded people, who are in a similar situation to yours, which provides you with the right atmosphere to skyrocket your success in life.
Learn more and book: Retreat

Who is Cosmopolita Eiler?

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Cosmopolita Eiler is the founder of Authentic Transformational Therapy. She is an experienced coach, mentor and a successful serial lifestyle entrepreneur, who believes that success in life can best be achieved when it´s coming from an authentic internal source and genuine motivation. When it came to creating her own program,

she really wanted to create something which made it easy for others to achieve success in an uncomplicated, yet powerful and transformational way. Hence she has created the Authentic Life Success Formula, which may be replicated by anyone wishing to achieve success in their life. For proven results see same of the testimonials testimonials

Our Uncomplicated, Yet Comprehensive Training Modules Provide You With The Only FORMULA you need for success.

Some of the unique methods include:

Authentic Success Formula™

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Cosmopolita`s formula has proven success results – read testimonials.

Authentic Transformational Therapy

We specialise in helping people just like YOU to successfully achieve success in life. We help you speed up the process & magnify your results, so you can skyrocket abundance in your life. We also offer ATT Coach™ certification at various levels. We provide bulletproof support, experience, network, wide array of tools and techniques, so YOU may clarify & achieve your goals. Designed for long lasting success. We offer online programs, live motivational training events and retreats.

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Authentic Transformational Therapy will help you figure out where you are now, where you want to go, and provide you with the training and support you need to get there.


Testimonials from happy clients of Cosmopolita: